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Experience the freedom of being a digital nomad in Spain with our company's specialized visa services. Our digital dashboard makes the application process easy and seamless, allowing you to upload your personal information and required documents with ease. Track the progress of your visa application in real-time and get updates on the status of your application. With our company's excellent reviews and reputation, you can trust that we will make the visa process smooth and stress-free. Apply today and take the first step towards your digital nomad adventure in Spain!
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We like to talk to all our clients before starting the visa process. By getting to know you and your situation, we make sure you're eligible for the visa of your dreams. But if you can't wait for an appointment. Fill out our visa from and gain access to our dashboard immediately. You can begin uploading your documents and start your application right away. We will contact you as soon as possible to customize the dashboard to your specific needs.

About The Digital Nomad Visa

Why is Spain considering offering digital nomad visas?

The plan to grant special visas to digital nomads is part of efforts to make Spain a more entrepreneurial nation and is open to anyone living outside the European Economic Area, which includes the 27 European Union nations. EU citizens don’t need a visa to work there. As well as attracting foreign talent and money, the new law is also aimed at attracting back Spanish citizens who have chosen to live abroad.

When will Spain start offering the digital nomad visas?

Finally, the Digital Nomad Visa is effective you’re able to apply remotely! Contact us for more details and the next steps. And plan a free consultation.

How long is the digital nomad visa valid for?

Digital nomads visas in Spain will in most cases be valid for 12 months. After that, remote workers may be able to extend their stay for up to five years depending on their circumstances.

Close relatives, like children and spouses, will also be able to join the visa holder in the country.

Can I enter Spain as a tourist and apply for the visa?

Yes, it’s entirely possible to visit Spain as a tourist and then apply for your Digital nomads visa once you’re here. However, it’s crucial to make sure you do it within the legal framework.

Requirements for getting a Spanish digital nomads visa

  • You must be a non EU citizen
  • You can only get up to a maximum of 20% of your income from Spanish companies
  • You can not have criminal record (last 5 years)
  • You’ll need to prove a minimum income or certain amount of money in your bank account
  • Your work can be carried out remotely

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What will the digital nomads visa service cost me?

This is included:

  • Costs for official translations
  • All Digital Nomad Visa fees
  • Online application
  • We provide you with the necessary paperwork
  • We will be your guide through the whole process

The price for the whole application process, including all visa fees and official online translations is € 1299.

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Online Dashboard

Say hello to the newly launched dashboard! Here, you can easily upload documents that are required for your visa application process. This includes things like your passport, birth certificate, and any other supporting documents.

In addition to uploading documents, you can also add your personal information to the dashboard. This includes your name, contact details, and any other relevant information that is needed for your visa application.

And probably the best features of the dashboard is the ability to track the progress of your visa application. You can check the online at any time and see the current status of your application, the time and date of your appointments, the verification of documents and much more.

We hope that the dashboard will make the visa application process even easier and more convenient for you. If you have any questions or need assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us.


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